What’s in a name?

I often get inquiries about the origins of Kauppi, a word many are not familiar with. Kauppi is my mother’s family name. It is Finnish and is derived from a shortened version of the name Jakaupr (Scandinavian version of Jacob). It is also an old Finn term for traders in medieval times.

I chose ‘Kauppi Media’ because I wanted my company name to stand out as much as the design and production work I do. I also wanted the name to embody my Scandinavian approach to design and business practices. Sleek lines. Minimal clutter. Devotion to a job well done. And lots of coffee breaks!

And what about me?

I’m Nicole Walsh, a designer/writer/producer with over five years of professional work experience in a multitude of business fields. I graduated from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Media Production & New Technology and a minor in Art & Design – Visual Communications. I have done work with video, audio, web design, all sorts of print media and social media marketing just to name a few.

I live in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula where I strive to enjoy life on the lake every day and freelance for a multitude of clients. I have a wonderful husband and two adorable cats that I could not live without! I am always looking to enhance my portfolio and develop new skills. I love being able to work one-on-one with clients who are looking for a custom design to enhance their business and marketing. And I hate to overcharge for my services. I work with clients to create outstanding marketing and media projects with a clear understanding of the time, effort and resources that go into truly unique and creative work.

If you are looking for a graphic designer, web developer, social media advisor, photographer or general marketing expert, look no further! Contact me today to set up a meeting and get the ball rolling on your next project.